Nigel the Author

At a professional level the launch of Nigel's book Ask Leadership at the end of 2008 put him firmly on the map as a recognised author. The book was launched to international acclaim from both business leaders and other writers on the subject. The key differentiators in the book are its approach;
  • There are two self and 3rd party evaluation tools that help you identify where you are as a leader today
  • Every leadership activity is then described and real case studies and scripts guide you through a 'how to' process
  • It has a goal setting and activity based workbook section which allows you to plan the changes you need to move to the next leadership level.
As Paul J Meyer, New York Times bestselling author states simply;
"It is one thing to tell people how to be an excellent leader, but it's an entirely different thing to show them. Ask Leadership is the answer!"
Nigel has also been writing on many other topics over the last few years and has many articles in print in local regional and international journals and papers. These are not just on leadership but also relate to his his passion for adventure and endurance events. The latter culminating in the book Coast2Coast from Scratch which documents how to train for, and complete, the arduous two day multi sport race that traverses the Island of Trinidad in the West Indies. Sales of the book raised over US$2,000 for KIND, a children's charity.
Nigel has also recently completed an article entitled 'Run for your Life' which will be in print shortly in a collected set of runners stories from around the world.
Ask Leadership hit the market on the 18th November 2008 and has been sold in over 15 countries and is staple leadership reading in many organisations globally.

The Coast2Coast training and guide book raised over US$2000 for charity and encouraged many new faces to attempt one of the most challenging races in the western hemisphere

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