Nigel and Goals!

Nigel's opinion is clear on the so called 'secret of success' type books and schemes; they are no longer secrets! Search for secret of success on and you will get 47,005 books on that or related subjects.
The real 'secret' is simple. It's all about goals; written goals, and the driving motivation that results from your pursuit of the results. It's a big subject and one Nigel has mastered, yes mastered!
The proof? Well there is only one way to do that and that is to look at his achievements and plans for the future. Check out Nigel's List and you will see his completed, in progress and future goals, going right from when he was 8 right through to the year 2020 when he will be a little older! And these are just the big ones. The pursuit of a single big goal requires the achievement of many, many smaller ones. Once you achieve the small goals the bigger ones are easy! Listen to Nigel talk about these goals in a recent interview with Tom Cunningham.
Here are examples of some of Nigel's achievements that demonstrate the results of this amazing goal focus.
 From a blank page to internationally aclaimed published book in less than two years. Nigel presents a signed copy of his book, Ask Leadership, to CEO and bestselling Author Ram Ramesh.
Crossing the finishing line in 11th place in the 2007 Trinidad Coast2Coast race in 16 hours 2 minutes. Coast2Coast is a gruelling multisport race and one of the toughest races of its type in the world.
Nigel, at 51, completing Comrades, the 90km (56 mile) ultra marathon, in 2007 in 9 hour 39 minutes. The Comrades ultra marathon in South Africa is justifiably known as the Ultimate Human Race. Nigel went back in 2008 to complete the reverse race, pick up a second bronze medal and a coveted 'back to back' medal for completing the ultra marathon in consecutive years. He also went back earlier this year to get a third bronze medal.
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