About Nigel

Born in England, Nigel originally pursued a career in Engineering following his father into British Aerospace and qualifying as a design engineer in late 1981. He then moved on into nuclear engineering and eventually found himself more interested in the computers and software applications than the job itself. He moved into the booming IT sector and spent the next 20 years in a number of companies ranging from pre-IPO startups to blue chips like GE and IBM and in roles from technical specialist to sales and business management. In 2001 he made a life changing decision to get out of the IT sector and start his own business in the area of leadership development and coaching.
The rest, as they say, is history. Nigel is now a recognised leader is his field, has numerous articles and a major book, Ask Leadership, in print. He has coached at all levels in companies ranging from small and medium sized enterprises right up to major fortune 500 companies. His experience has also taken him from working with front line supervisors to the most experienced CEO's in over 10 countries.
His clients over his busy career to date include global companies like Bank of America, BP, Philips, BG, Fujitsu, BHP Billiton, Fedex, Maersk, Columbus, Flow, as well as many small and medium sized organisations.
In addition to coaching and facilitating personal and organizational development, he has also developed a considerable reputation as a powerful motivational speaker working with professionals, companies and athletes. He is as happy with a group of 3 or 4 people as he is on stage with 3 or 4 thousand delivering his electrifying presentations!
He is very driven and goal oriented and consequently has a very busy life as Founder and President of Ask Leadership Ltd, and as an ultra marathon runner, photographer, author, speaker and multi-sport athlete!
  Nigel on stage at the Caribbean Launch of his book Ask Leadership in November 2008